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Black Jack Switch


In Blackjack Switch® each player plays two hands of blackjack and can choose to "switch" the second card of each hand. Players can also make the optional Super Match bet which is based on their first four cards.

To play, players make equal bets on both betting spots and may also make the optional Super Match wager. The dealer then deals two hands of blackjack to each player as well as one to himself. Once all players have received their first two cards, the dealer will resolve all Super Match wagers according to the posted paytable.

After seeing their two starting blackjack hands, players may either leave the cards as they were dealt or may switch the second card of each hand. Once each player has made this decision, each hand is completed according to the normal house rules of Blackjack (see Dealing Procedures for resolving player Blackjacks). All doubling and splitting is allowed as in regular Blackjack, even after "switching".

When resolving each hand, Blackjacks pay even money. A dealer total of 22 will push on all non-bust player hands except Blackjack. The Super Match bonus bet wins if the player receives a Pair or better from any of their initial four cards.